Since 12/27/2019 the UNE 41901: 2017 EX Standard has been incorporated. Surfaces for pedestrian traffic. Determination of resistance to sliding by the friction pendulum method. Wet test.

The slip resistance value Rd is the PTV value obtained by the pendulum test described in the UNE 41901: 2017 EX standard. The selected sample will be representative of the most unfavorable slippery conditions.

Product classifications

Regardless of specific product classifications, even if these are related to slipperyness, it must always be verified that the class of soils required in table 1.2 according to their location has been obtained in accordance with standard UNE 41901: 2017 EX.

3 Table 1.2 indicates the class that soils must have, as a minimum, depending on their location. This class will be maintained during the useful life of the pavement.

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